in a nutshell

the development:
- with 8 years started with classical guitar
- with 13 years electric guitar lessons with Rolf Bussalb (tour guitarist of Nigel Kennedy)
- first project in school band "Feeling of Feeling"
- smaller blues-rock projects
- 2001 Founder and member of Ludwig & Co Band.
- 2007 Founded a new Bluesrock Band named Ronnies
- 2014 first solo project and foundation of the Jens Stoeter duo with Anthony Scheffler
- 2015 first temporary singer and then full band member of TrioB XL Party- and Coverband


inspired by:
Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt, Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Yngwie Malmsteen

influenced by:
Extreme, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie, Aerosmith, Ray Willson, Saga,
Alice Cooper, Whitesnake, Van Halen...


In the entire length

I started with my first classical guitar at the age of 8, which I found under the Christmas tree instead of the long-awaited trumpet.

Classical guitar for a boy my age, that time sounded rather terrible. And what I played at the beginning was terrible. Cassical Guitar - it did not want to go in my head  - but - little by little the fingers went on and they began to find their way to the instrument, which was not in any kind like trumpet. With the kind but determined Mrs. Hirsch as teacher, I got better in hand posture, hearing, reading sheet music and recognized the necessity of practicing.

My older brother bought his first electric guitar and it should quickly become obvious that even electric guitar may not sound that beautiful at the beginning. He found a teacher - "Rolf Bussalb". At the age of 13, I joined him, gave up the classic and turned to the electric guitar. Rolf Bussalb tought us a lot from the basics to the extravagances, blues, blues rock, funk, grunge, scales, concord - all you need as craft tools and one thing he has emphasized again and again:

"Music must be felt, not just heard."

With the start on the electric guitar, the first mates were also found to play. The first garage band was founded! We played old rock'n'roll, nice and hard.

With the next school change, there was a new Band, "Gefühlsecht", we played rock-pop cover songs.

This time I helped with the musical framing of cabaret and carnival inlays and relocations of the "Rodgauner" - thus I now also how it is to play at an external temperature of 5 degrees on an octave guitar.

In the meantime, I financed my school days as a roadie for cover band MELIBOKUS and from time to time as guitar rodie for Nik Huber at his time at Rockcoverband Soundtrack (

It really did not want to work with my own bands at that time.

After a long break with a move from Hessen to Saxony, I found some Blues-Rock playing Guys with which I played as "No Fear" with covers of Neil Young and Bob Dylan in 1998 played one and the other loud & funny gig between Berlin, Thuringia and Saxony ,

Top motto: "You have to have fun with the music"

In 2001, two colleagues, Lutz Mueller and Tim Lehnert (, and I founded Ludwig and Co. An unplugged band with cover songs and own songs that played in pubs, clubs and small tents all over Germany. (and still plays!)

In its early days, I helped colleagues from Komedto, a jazz and latin formation, occasionally mix their live gigs.

In 2006 I joined the MMS in Zwickau as a teacher for guitar and bass.

In 2007 a new blues-rock project was launched with two other musicians.

2014 I could actually enjoy my first solo performance with my own songs and also the project Jens Stoeter Duo with Anthony Scheffler as second guitarist was born ...

2015 additionaly performances as a assistent singer for Trio B from Luetzen (near Leipzig), later in 2015 I becam full band member (voc, git, bass)